Lynn Ellen Wesch

It seems I’m supposed to do a website as well as write or read books, but I’d rather tell stories, draw pictures with words, imagine horrors and wonders. I’d rather read other peoples confessions—imaginations—or a tale a dog would tell. I sometimes think they could tell it better for they have such empathy and loyalty and dogs never mind appearing foolish. Maybe that’s why I can’t imagine writing a manuscript that doesn’t have a dog snoring or a cat curled up somewhere within it’s pages.

    Since I have folders of poetry, essays and short stories besides several finished manuscripts, I thought I might as well post some of them. I think they’re getting lonely sitting in blue folders on my computer. I hope you enjoy them. Now can I please go back to my last unfinished manuscript?

On to the third book...

Books I love

  1. -Horse Heaven

  2. -The Art of Racing in the Rain

  3. -Dispatches

  4. -The Forgotten Garden

  5. -A Discovery of Witches

  6. -Ode to Opposites

  7. -Secret Life of Bees

  8. -

Currently reading

A Russian Winter

The Story Sisters



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